Friday, 18 September 2015

5 good reasons why you need a Cell Portable Battery Charger

5 good reasons why you need a Cell Portable Battery Charger

  1. If you have an iPhone you need a portable battery charger as iPhone have the worst battery known to mankind? An iPhone battery on full charge will only last a couple of hours if you’re someone who uses social media a lot and is always on their phone.
  2. You have multiple devices and run your own business which requires that your devices are fully charged. You have business meeting and you phone battery is down to 5 percent, so you need to call your client and inform them of your late arrival. You need a cellphone portable battery charger.
  3. You worried about you kids staying out late and going clubbing and you never know when you daughter or son might need to call home in a urgent situation. The last thing you want is your child’s phone running out of battery when they need your help to get out of sticky situation. You’re your loved ones a portable battery charger as present.
  4. When travelling to a new country for holiday it’s a very handy gadget to have while you tour the city and take in the scene, the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about your phone battery life dying when it’s time to find a way home or you’ve strayed off track into a area where no one speaks English.
  5. You planning a family camping trip and although you have a full tank of fuel occasionally cars do tent to not start when you’re on a camping trip and it’s time to go home. A solar power bank or a jump start power bank could come in very handy in many different situation that could arise on a camping trip. 

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